Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 1~84
A call for vigilance: thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndrome caused by mRNA COVID-19 vaccine associated with muscle weakness
Chul Soo Kim, M.D., Ph.D., Jae Gyu Kwak, M.D., Ph.D., Seongsoo Jang, M.D., Ph.D., Soo-Mee Bang, M.D., Ph.D.
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 1-3 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Image of Hematologys
Appearances are deceiving: immature lymphocytes in Leishmaniasis
Verónica Roldán Galiacho, María Puente Pomposo, Aizpea Echebarria-Barona, Paula González Urdiales, Juan Carlos García Ruiz
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 4-4 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma that presented as pleural effusion
Do Hwan Kim, Xiaoping Sun
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 5-5 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Review Articles
Convalescent plasma in COVID-19: renewed focus on the timing and effectiveness of an old therapy
Hebat-Allah Hassan Nashaat, Maha Anani, Fadia M. Attia
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 6-12 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
IDH1/2 mutations in acute myeloid leukemia
Ja Min Byun, Seung-Joo Yoo, Hyeong-Joon Kim, Jae-Sook Ahn, Youngil Koh, Jun Ho Jang, Sung-Soo Yoon
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 13-19 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Management of immune thrombocytopenia: 2022 update of Korean experts recommendations
Young Hoon Park, Dae-Young Kim, Seongkoo Kim, Young Bae Choi, Dong-Yeop Shin, Jin Seok Kim, Won Sik Lee, Yeung-Chul Mun, Jun Ho Jang, Jong Wook Lee, Hoon Kook, on behalf of Korean Aplastic Anemia Working Party
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 20-28 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Original Articles
Induction-related mortality in adolescents and young adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a resource-limited setting: do treatment-related complications create more impact than disease biology?
Sergio I. Inclan-Alarcon, Santiago Riviello-Goya, Kevin Teran-De-la-Sancha, Oscar M. Fierro-Angulo, Aldo A. Acosta-Medina, Roberta Demichelis-Gomez, Christianne Bourlon
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 29-33 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Prophylaxis for invasive fungal infection in pediatric patients with allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Paola Perez, Jaime Pati?o, Alexis A. Franco, Fernando Rosso, Estefania Beltran, Eliana Manzi, Andr?s Castro, Mayra Estacio, Diego Medina Valencia
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 34-40 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of children and adolescents with aggressive mature B-cell lymphoma: a single-center analysis
Woojung Jeon, Young Kwon Koh, Sunghan Kang, Hyery Kim, Kyung-Nam Koh, Ho Joon Im
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 41-50 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Real-world evidence of levofloxacin prophylaxis in elderly patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma who received bortezomib, melphalan, and prednisone regimen
Su-In Kim, Sung-Hoon Jung, Ho-Young Yhim, Jae-Cheol Jo, Ga-Young Song, Mihee Kim, Seo-Yeon Ahn, Jae-Sook Ahn, Deok-Hwan Yang, Hyeoung-Joon Kim, Je-Jung Lee
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 51-58 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Myelofibrotic and leukemic transformation in 2016 WHO-defined Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasm
Ik-Chan Song, Sang Hoon Yeon, Myung-Won Lee, Hyewon Ryu, Hyo-Jin Lee, Hwan-Jung Yun, Seon Young Kim, Deog-Yeon Jo
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 59-68 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Letters to the Editor
Myeloproliferative neoplasm with basophilia and abnormality of platelet-derived growth factor receptor a translocation: a case report
Jong Gwon Choi, Do Yeun Cho
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 69-74 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
COVID-19 pneumonia concurrent with newly diagnosed chronic myelogenous leukemia
Chul Soo Kim, Jeong Yeon Kim, Dae Ro Choi
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 74-75 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Daratumumab monotherapy in relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma patients with severely compromised forced expiratory volume in one second
Jin-Hyo Kim, Sung-Soo Park, Jae-Ho Yoon, Sung-Eun Lee, Hee-Je Kim, Chang-Ki Min
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 76-80 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Dasatinib-induced reversible pulmonary arterial hypertension in a pediatric patient with BCR/ABL1+ lymphoblastic lymphoma from chronic myeloid leukemia
Hye-ji Han, Kyung Taek Hong, Jung Yoon Choi, Sang-Yun Lee, Hyoung Jin Kang
Blood Res 2022; 57(1): 80-84 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
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