Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 265~336
Images of Hematology
Cytoplasmic azurophilic inclusion bodies in reactive plasmacytosis
Aastha Gupta, Preeti Tripathi, and Seema Tyagi
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 265-265 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Small cell variant of T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia with atypical presentation
Joowon Park
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 266-266 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Clonal villous lymphocytes and plasma cells in splenic marginal zone lymphoma with plasmacytic differentiation
João Tadeu Damian Souto Filho, Rodrigo Aires de Morais, Ana Laura Oliveira Silveira, Arthur Pires Lacerda, Isabela Peçanha Bogado Fassbender, João Marcos Marcelino Chaves Ribeiro, and Luiza Reis de Sales
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 267-267 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Methotrexate-induced myelodysplasia mimicking myelodysplastic syndrome
Yuuki Kawase, Masashi Ohe, Haruki Shida, Tetsuya Horita, Ken Furuya, and Satoshi Hashino
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 268-268 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Review Article
Comparison of mean platelet volume levels in coronary artery ectasia and healthy people: systematic review and meta-analysis
Reza Heidary Moghadam, Afshar Shahmohammadi, Nader Asgari, Koorosh Azizi, Sahar Mehr Mansour, and Mohammad Roozbahani
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 269-275 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Original Articles
Clinicohematological parameters and outcomes in a cohort of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients with Deletion 17p from Pakistan
Rafia Mahmood, Saleem Ahmed Khan, Chaudhry Altaf, Hamid Saeed Malik, and Muhammad Tahir Khadim
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 276-280 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Detection of bone marrow involvement with FDG PET/CT in patients with newly diagnosed lymphoma
H. Tahsin ?zpolat, Ebru Yilmaz, Hasan Sami Goksoy, Sahre ?zpolat, ?ner Dogan, Seher Nilgun Unal, and Meliha Nalcaci
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 281-287 PDF PubMed Central Supplementary File Google Scholar Search
Treatment and clinical outcomes of patients relapsing after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for myelodysplastic syndrome
Eun-Ji Choi, Je-Hwan Lee, Jung-Hee Lee, Han-Seung Park, Sun-Hye Ko, Miee Seol, Young-Shin Lee, Young-Ah Kang, Mijin Jeon, and Kyoo-Hyung Lee
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 288-293 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Overexpression of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase correlates with regulatory T cell phenotype in acute myeloid leukemia patients with normal karyotype
Nargess Arandi, Mani Ramzi, Fatemeh Safaei, and Ahmad Monabati
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 294-298 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Neutrophil oxidative burst as a diagnostic indicator of IgG-mediated anaphylaxis
Dong Il Won, Sujeong Kim, and Eun Hee Lee
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 299-306 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Clinical presentation and treatment outcomes of primary ocular adnexal MALT lymphoma in Thailand
Kasem Seresirikachorn, Lalita Norasetthada, Sakarin Ausayakhun, Atitaya Apivatthakakul, Sirima Tangchittam, Vannakorn Pruksakorn, Kitsada Wudhikarn, and Damrong Wiwatwongwana
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 307-313 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Relationship between liver iron concentration determined by R2-MRI, serum ferritin, and liver enzymes in patients with thalassemia intermedia
Hayder Al-Momen, Shaymaa Kadhim Jasim, Qays Ahmed Hassan, and Hayder Hussein Ali
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 314-319 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Altered expression of MALAT1 lncRNA in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients, correlation with cytogenetic findings
Abdolrahim Ahmadi, Saeid Kaviani, Marjan Yaghmaie, Hossein Pashaiefar, Mohammad Ahmadvand, Mahdi Jalili, Kamran Alimoghaddam, Mohammad Eslamijouybari, and Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 320-324 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Letters to the Editor
Effective sickle hemoglobin reduction by automated red cell exchange using Spectra Optia in three Emirati patients with sickle cell disease before allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Seung Jun Choi, Hanwool Cho, Ki-Seong Eom, Jong Wook Lee, Yonggoo Kim, and Jihyang Lim
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 325-329 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Epstein-Barr virus-positive mucocutaneous ulcer colliding with extranodal marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (malt lymphoma) that developed in the palatine tonsils of an immunocompetent patient after gastric lymphoma relapse
Yong-Moon Lee, and Jin-Man Kim
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 329-332 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Price of PRICE (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) redefined: a case of entrapment neuropathy in an individual with hemophilia
Pritish Chandra Patra, Prakas Kumar Mandal, Debasis Gantait, Amrita Bhowmik, and Prantar Chakrabarti
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 333-334 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
Erratum: The incidence of venous thromboembolism is not lowin Korean patients with advanced pancreatic cancer
Blood Res 2018; 53(4): 335-336 PDF PubMed Central Google Scholar Search
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