Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 215~299
Mixed-phenotype acute leukemia (MPAL) and beyond
Hee-Je Kim, M.D. Ph.D.
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 215-216 PDF Google Scholar Search
Copper deficiency mimicking myelodysplastic syndrome
Guido D'Angelo
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 217-219 PDF Google Scholar Search
Salvage treatment of relapsed/refractory LCH
Jong Jin Seo, M.D. Ph.D.
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 220-222 PDF Google Scholar Search
Images of Hematology
Complex cytogenetics in a patient with mixed-phenotype acute leukemia
Huma Mansoori, and Anila Rashid
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 223-223 PDF Google Scholar Search
Emphysematous osteomyelitis due to Escherichia coli in multiple myeloma
Sung Soo Park, Sung Eun Lee, and Chang-Ki Min
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 224-224 PDF Google Scholar Search
Review Article
Mesenchymal stromal cells in myeloid malignancies
Thomas Schroeder, Stefanie Geyh, Ulrich Germing, and Rainer Haas
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 225-232 PDF Google Scholar Search
Original Articles
Mixed-phenotype acute leukemia: suboptimal treatment when the 2008/2016 WHO classification is used
Alan Pomerantz, Sergio Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Roberta Demichelis-Gomez, Georgina Barrera-Lumbreras, Olga Barrales-Benitez, Xavier Lopez-Karpovitch, and Alvaro Aguayo-Gonzalez
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 233-241 PDF Google Scholar Search
Therapy-related myeloid neoplasms in children and adolescents
Hee Won Cho, Young Bae Choi, Eun Sang Yi, Ji Won Lee, Ki Woong Sung, Hong Hoe Koo, and Keon Hee Yoo
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 242-248 PDF Google Scholar Search
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of varicella zoster virus infection in children with hematologic malignancies in the acyclovir era
Seul-Ki Kim, Min Chae Kim, Seung Beom Han, Seong Koo Kim, Jae Wook Lee, Nack-Gyun Chung, Bin Cho, Dae Chul Jeong, Jin Han Kang, and Hack-Ki Kim
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 249-255 PDF Google Scholar Search
Excellent outcome of medical treatment for Kasabach-Merritt syndrome: a single-center experience
Jin Ah Kim, Young Bae Choi, Eun Sang Yi, Ji Won Lee, Ki Woong Sung, Hong Hoe Koo, and Keon Hee Yoo
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 256-260 PDF Google Scholar Search
Effect of short-term, high-dose methylprednisolone on oxidative stress in children with acute immune thrombocytopenia
Musa Cura, Ahmet Koç, Nurten Aksoy, and Zeynep Canan Özdemir
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 261-267 PDF Google Scholar Search
Iron deficiency anemia in infants and toddlers
Eun Young Joo, Keun Young Kim, Dong Hyun Kim, Ji-Eun Lee, and Soon Ki Kim
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 268-273 PDF Google Scholar Search
Allelic variance among ABO blood group genotypes in a population from the western region of Saudi Arabia
Abdularahman B.O. Mohamed, Salwa Ibrahim Hindawi, Sameer Al-harthi, Qamre Alam, Mohammad Zubair Alam, Absarul Haque, Waseem Ahmad, and Ghazi A Damanhouri
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 274-278 PDF Google Scholar Search
Letters to the Editor
The first case of acute myeloid leukemia with solitary t(6;7)(p21.3;p22) passenger translocation that developed at relapse after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in a patient with a normal karyotype at the initial diagnosis
Sang Hyuk Park, Eun Yup Lee, and Ho-Jin Shin
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 279-281 PDF Google Scholar Search
Toxic megacolon and interstitial pneumonia caused by cytomegalovirus infection in a pediatric patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia receiving chemotherapy
Hyunseop Kwon, Hyun Hee Lee, Chung Ryul Paik, Yun-Jeong Lim, and Jeong A. Park
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 281-285 PDF Google Scholar Search
Salvage chemotherapy with R-BAD (rituximab, bendamustine, cytarabine, and dexamethasone) for the treatment of relapsed primary CNS lymphoma
Min-Seok Cho, Jae Yong Kim, Seung-Yeon Jung, Seo-Yeon Ahn, Ga young Song, and Deok-Hwan Yang
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 285-287 PDF Google Scholar Search
Disseminated cytomegalovirus-associated hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in an elderly patient
Preetesh Jain, Suhair A. Al Salihi, Rodrigo Hasbun, Harinder S. Juneja, Nghia D. Nguyen, and Modupe Idowu
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 288-290 PDF Google Scholar Search
Steps taken to alleviate under-reporting of transfusion reactions at a public sector hospital in Pakistan
Anila Rashid, Mohammad Akbar Agha, Saima Minhas, Bipin Nepal, and Nadeem Nusrat
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 290-292 PDF Google Scholar Search
Factors associated with vasovagal reactions in apheresis plasma and whole blood donors: a statistical-epidemiological study in a European donor cohort
Jansen N. Seheult, Merete Eis Lund, Mark H. Yazer, and Kjell Titlestad
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 293-296 PDF Google Scholar Search
Successful treatment of steroid-refractory immune thrombocytopenia with alemtuzumab
Chul Won Jung, Su-Hee Cho, Sylvia Park, Jun Ho Jang, and Jun Ho Ji
Blood Res 2016; 51(4): 297-299 PDF Google Scholar Search
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