Blood Res 2017; 52(3): 159-166
Advances in the treatment of newly diagnosed primary central nervous system lymphomas 
Liren Qian1, Ciprian Tomuleasa2,3, Ioan-Alexandru Florian4, Jianliang Shen5, Ioan-Stefan Florian4, Mihnea Zdrenghea2,3, Delia Dima3
Department of Hematology, 1Navy General Hospital of PLA, Beijing, China, 2Iuliu Hatieganu University, 3Ion Chiricuta Oncology Institute, 4Department of Neurosurgery, Emergency University Hospital, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 5Department of Hematology, Navy General Hospital of PLA, Beijing, China
Correspondence to: Liren Qian, M.D. Ciprian Tomuleasa, M.D. Department of Hematology, Navy General Hospital, Fucheng Road, Beijing 100048, China (L.Q.)Department of Hematology, Ion Chiricuta Oncology Institute, 34-36 Republicii Street, RO-400015 Cluj Napoca, Romania (C.T.)E-mail: L.Q., C.T.,
Received: June 3, 2017; Accepted: August 29, 2017; Published online: September 30, 2017.
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Primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) is a type of highly invasive non-Hodgkin lymphoma. With a growing number of organ transplantation and immunosuppressant therapy, the incidence of PCNSL has been growing rapidly in recent years, which is attributed to the increased incidence of HIV/AIDS, a prominent risk factor for developing PCNSL. The rising rate of PCNSL incidence is the highest among the intracranial tumors. In the past 20 years, dozens of clinical trials related to PCNSL have been registered, but adequate therapeutics are still challenging. Currently, the chemotherapy regimens based on high-dose methotrexate and whole-brain radiotherapy are the two main therapeutic options; however, the toxicity associated with those is the main problem that challenges medical researchers. Novel agents and therapeutic strategies have been developed in recent years. In the current review, we describe advances in the treatment of PCNSL and discuss novel therapeutic approaches currently in development, such as the use of rituximab, disruption of the blood-brain barrier, and state-of-the-art radiotherapy.
Keywords: Primary central nervous system lymphoma, Methotrexate, Whole-brain radiotherapy, Rituximab


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