Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 1~79
Images of Hematology
Recurrent bilateral deep vein thrombosis after cava vein resection in a patient with leiomyosarcoma
Ordieres-Ortega Lucia, Demelo-Rodríguez Pablo, Piqueras-Ruiz Sandra, Del-Toro-Cervera Jorge
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 1-1 PDF Google Scholar Search
Hemophagocytosis by blasts in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Emilie Klein, Coralie Derrieux, Stephanie Dulucq
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 2-2 PDF Google Scholar Search
Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma
Lucile Baseggio, Alexandra Traverse-Glehen, Emmanuel Bachy, Camille Laurent
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 3-3 PDF Google Scholar Search
Organ-specific considerations for marginal zone lymphomas in Korea, based on Consortium for Improving Survival of Lymphoma (CISL) and Korean clinical studies
Sung Yong Oh, M.D., Ph.D., Cheolwon Suh, M.D., Ph.D.
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 4-6 PDF Google Scholar Search
Cord blood 2.0: state of the art and future directions in transplant medicine
John E. Wagner, M.D.
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 7-9 PDF Google Scholar Search
Review Articles
Molecular perspective of iron uptake, related diseases, and treatments
Negin Shokrgozar, Habib Allah Golafshan
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 10-16 PDF Google Scholar Search
Recent progress in laboratory diagnosis of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathy: a study by the Korean Red Blood Cell Disorder Working Party of the Korean Society of Hematology
Young Kyung Lee, Hee-Jin Kim, Kyunghoon Lee, Sang Hyuk Park, Sang Hoon Song, Moon-Woo Seong, Myungshin Kim, Jin Yeong Han
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 17-22 PDF Google Scholar Search
Original Articles
Efficacy of parenteral glutamine supplementation in adult hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients
Yun Kyung Cho, So Yeon Hong, Su Jeoung Jeon, Hyung Wook Namgung, Eunsook Lee, Euni Lee, Soo-Mee Bang
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 23-30 PDF Google Scholar Search
Biochemical effects and safety of Gum arabic (Acacia Senegal) supplementation in patients with sickle cell anemia
Lamis AbdelGadir Kaddam, Imad Fdl-Elmula, Omer Ali Eisawi, Haydar Awad Abdelrazig, Mustafa Khidir Elnimeiri, Amal Mahmoud Saeed
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 31-37 PDF Google Scholar Search
Microcytosis in children and adolescents with the sickle cell trait in Basra, Iraq
Rawshan Zuhair Jaber, Meàad Kadhum Hassan, Sadeq Khalaf Al-Salait
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 38-44 PDF Google Scholar Search
Outcome and prognostic factors of children with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with imatinib followed by allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in first remission
Juae Shin, Na Yeong Lee, Seongkoo Kim, Jae Wook Lee, Pil-Sang Jang, Nack-Gyun Chung, Bin Cho
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 45-51 PDF Google Scholar Search
Analysis of hematologic parameters of donors, patients, and granulocyte concentrates to predict successful granulocyte transfusion
Jong-Mi Lee, Seung Jun Choi, Hoon Seok Kim, Mina Yang, Yonggoo Kim, Jong Wook Lee, Jihyang Lim
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 52-56 PDF Google Scholar Search
ABCB1 and BMI1 mRNA expression in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia: impact on imatinib efficacy
Ahmed M. L. Bedewy, Shereen M. Elmaghraby, Noha S. Kandil
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 57-62 PDF Google Scholar Search
Biphenotypic acute leukemia or acute leukemia of ambiguous lineage in childhood: clinical characteristics and outcome
Hyun Gyung Lee, Hee Jo Baek, Ho Sung Kim, Soo Min Park, Tai Ju Hwang, Hoon Kook
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 63-73 PDF Google Scholar Search
Letters to the Editor
A case of immune thrombocytopenia associated with invasive thymoma successfully treated with eltrombopag
Jung-Ki Yoon, Hee Ryeong Jang, Jin Hyun Park, Ki Hwan Kim, Eu Youn Roh, Ja Min Byun
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 74-77 PDF Google Scholar Search
Coexistence of BCR/ABL1-positive chronic myeloid leukemia and JAK2 V617F-mutated myelofibrosis successfully treated with dasatinib and ruxolitinib
Jun Ho Yi, Hye Ryoun Kim
Blood Res 2019; 54(1): 77-79 PDF Google Scholar Search
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